Back from ‘Nam

Good news from the Top Gear TV office: At crack of dawn this morning our brave boys returned from Vietnam, all completely safe and well and with their limbs still attached.

So, on the basis that no one got slightly killed or lost a leg in an horrific donkey accident, we’re giving the presenters a day or two to get some sleep and then sending them out to work again.

Jeremy, for example, will be making some small effort to show that Top Gear doesn’t only test wildly expensive megacars by driving one of this year’s coolest and most reasonably priced fast hatchbacks.

Meanwhile, James will be going to the other extreme as we force him outside his Captain Slow comfort zone with a day at the track. He doesn’t know what’s in store yet, but it’s sure to make him slightly displeased.

On a happier note, we’ve also got something very special lined up that’ll answer one of Top Gear’s most frequently asked questions.

No, it’s not ‘Who is The Stig?’ We’ve told you before; why do you think you never see him and Nigel Mansell in the same room?

Come to think of it, that’s just because Stig can’t stand Brummies.

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