How was it for you?

So Jeremy’s turned his opinion around on the BMW M3 after testing it against the Lexus IS-F. You’d be a cock not to buy one apparently, and wasn’t it fast out on the track?

Kevin McCloud was another quick revelation in Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, and he certainly had grand designs on the top spot – boodum tish! – but sadly for him he narrowly missed out. Will Jay Kay ever be toppled?

Bus racing was a riot – The Mole really wants to turn his hand to that – and Hammond’s run in the 40 year old Ferrari Daytona against May in his multimillion-pound powerboat in a race from Portofino to St Tropez was what Top Gear’s all about. But maybe not getting busted by the police.

The Mole’s not sure you should by either, but the Daytona was infinitely cool. We kind of want one, even if Clarkson doesn’t.

So how was it for you?

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