The last one (almost)

Top Gear studioAs James said during that awards bit, it was a mad show this week. Some green stuff, a crashing caravan, a big motorsport birthday and the Welsh warbler himself on our track.

So, what did you think? Any mileage in Jeremy’s idea about the Burning Touring Car Championship? Is there anything we can do to passify those Morris Marina Owners’ Club types after our second little ‘accident’? And will The One Show ever forgive us?

Actually, none of that matters. The question The Mole was pondering over some tea and a biscuit was about that electric Tesla. Jeremy said it was ‘goodbye dial-up and hello to broadband motoring’. We think he also said ‘electric’. But would you rather run a sparky Tesla than a old-school petrol Lotus? Tough one.

Tom JonesWe also witnessed Tom Jones first manual gearchange since the 1960s. ‘Fastest Vegas singer’ or not, he deserves some credit for that 1.52.2 lap, right? And good news for Jay Kay in our telly awards as he scooped our fastest celeb title once again.

Anyway, that’s it for TG telly this year, apart from our Vietnam special on December 28 at 8pm. And we’ll be talking some more about that later this week, so stay tuned…

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