Stig ‘doesn’t have magnetic knees’

JeremyJeremy Clarkson has been exposed as a big liar after claiming that the Stig had magnetic knees.

Our telly star made the comment on a recent episode of Top Gear, but since the shock revelation that the Stig may actually be a human being with a driving licence, boffins are saying there’s no way his knees could be magnetic.

“There’s no way his knees could be magnetic,” stormed Professor Philip Glenister, head of Oxford University’s Lower Limbs Department. “Human knees are complex structures that can bend your leg in the middle, but magnetic properties? Forget it.”

Clarkson was unrepentant last night: “Bungling BBC bosses made me do this,” he stormed. “This could cost the licence payers hundreds of thousands of pounds, or something.”

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