Series 13 preview: power lapping

Mercedes SL BlackJust one more week to go now until Top Gear returns to your telly and The Mole’s been flat out on coffee and Red Bull duties in the run up to our first day in the studio.

That’s on Wednesday, so we’ll have a proper preview blog for you after that – and a behind-the-scenes gallery including shots from the morning rehearsals (even the studio audience don’t get to see that).

Audi R8In the meantime, though, some more new series secrets. JC and the boys have lined up a wealth of rear-drive exotica that needs giving the smoky-tyre treatment on our test track.

Mercedes’ SL Black is a prime candidate, as is Corvette ZR1and Audi’s new R8 V10. Add to that the Lotus Evora, Ford’s astonishing Focus RS against Hammond in the Megane R26R, the new BMW Z4, and an epic shoot out between the Jag XFR and the M5. Hot enough for you?

Top Gear returns on June 21. We’ll be backstage next week to bring you all the behind-the-scenes goings on – with outtakes…

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