Not what you’re expecting

Filming’s almost wrapped here at the studio for five – and it looks like a bit of a change from the Radio Times listing.

The ice racing remains – a terrifying challenge for Jeremy, Richard and James involving three 1,500-quid rear-drive sportscars and an on-track tussle that really doesn’t end well for James.

But the telly boys have bumped the film of the BMW Z4 and the airport truck racing in favour of a test of Jaguar’s new 500bhp XFR and a new invention by Jeremy that’s guaranteed to save the planet. Almost.

This week’s celeb is, for once, a girl – actress Sienna Miller. Stig took a bit of a shine to say the least and her lap was, well, you’ll have to wait for Sunday for that.

Oh, and don’t forget we’ll have the usual behind-the-scenes galleries for you tomorrow and Friday – including the rehearsals and the live recording – so set yourselves a bookmark for that.

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