Where’s the Cool Wall?

Crikey, that’s show 5 done then. Did you like it? Sorry about the first part of the £1500 rear-wheel drive cars challenge.

We’re used to things going wrong with hilarious (ish) consequences so when the Nissan, Porsche and Capri trundled through France without incident – save a smashed piano – it doesn’t make for the most interesting telly ever. But we hope the second part made up for that, especially the hilarious sweary stylings of France’s second best racing driver. What was he called again Richard? Oliver Penis?

In other news, it seems some of you have been asking what’s happened to the Cool Wall. Well, it’s still there, as you can probably see in some of the wider shots of the studio in each programme.

But better than that, we’re actually hoping to use it before the series is out. We can’t say when but we can reveal that there are only two shows left in this series and the Cool Wall won’t be in next week’s show.

Oh yes, we’re as cryptic as Sienna Miller is ugly. So, erm, not at all. Sorry.

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