Series 13: best bits?

JamesA steam train, a glamour model, a dwarf, big dogs, ravey May, an off road Lotus, blowing up a baddie’s Evo, Jeremy and Richard get told off for racing, almost getting arrested in crap cars, a Bugatti versus a McLaren, expert swearing from France’s second best racing driver, a Volvo through a summer house, a Lambo swansong in the desert, dinosaurs on the track, Jeremy saves the world, Richard dies in a Hyundai, James dresses as a bishop, remarkable revelations about the Stig, and one of the most haunting endings since Blackadder Goes Forth.

RichardWe thought it was quite a series. But what about you? Top Gear’s always slightly interested to hear your thoughts so if you’ve got an idle moment why not give us the answers to these three questions:

1. Which was your favourite item in the last series?
2. Which was your favourite programme in the last series?
3. Do you know the way to San Jose?


PS – If you need a reminder, take another look at our series preview gallery we posted back in June, check the studio galleries or see our series guide

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