Richard: the rednecks were real

Richard HammondIf you’ve ever wondered whether the TG boys’ lucky escape from the Alabaman rednecks was real or maybe-a-bit-made-up, here’s your answer.

In an extract from his new book ‘Or Is That Just Me?’ published in The Times yesterday, Richard gives a blow-by-scary-inbred-blow account of the team’s run-in with the locals on their Big American Road Trip. The run-in with the inflammatory slogans and the throwing of rocks and the men with big hats and big guns. Yeah, that run-in.

“Trucks were arriving and in the back of them I saw the broad backs and cowboy hats of what I could only imagine were more locals,” writes Richard. “Where they had sprung from, I had no idea. But they were all carrying guns, propped up against their feet.”

Richard Hammond's pick-up“I didn’t want to wake up tied to a tree, being invited to squeal like a piggy for the entertainment of a 20-year-old psychopath in giant dungarees, with three teeth in his head and a bitter hatred of anyone who wasn’t also a 30-stone homophobic racist who shot at things he didn’t understand…”

For the full story, head on over to The Times website or pick yourself up a copy of Richard’s new book, out in all good shops – and a number of average ones – this week.

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