TGL kicks off

Jeremy, Richard and James pulled off the first of this weekend’s Top Gear Live shows at London’s Earls Court in fine style last night, with the Stig pulling off a world first indoor loop-the-loop…

Following a few last minute re-writes and a couple of problems with the Stig’s car, the boys made a dramatic improvement from the final rehearsal, to such an extent that we’re not quite sure how they did it.

The boys show that the future of motorsport is safe in their hands, with the invention of Reliant Robin racing, and the Cool Wall gets another outing after last year’s storming showing – where the audience vote cool or no via some red/green cards.

Afterwards over a few beers, all three presenters agreed it was their best ever first night performance, and they’re all looking forward to doing it again tonight.

So if you’re going over the weekend you can expect it to be even better than you’ve seen before.

If you are going to see Top Gear Live this weekend, then visit our Facebook page and upload/link to your photos. We’ll be making a best-of gallery on Monday to run on

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