James drives to the studio parts 5 and 6: almost there

More treats for James May fans today – another two episodes from his Homeric odyssey from west London to TopGear’s track in deepest Surrey.

So far your responses have included “Great idea. There’s something about James’ random wafflings that makes you want to watch” from san1, “These films are genius” from Intertia-Bertie, and “I’d like to wrap James’ head in gaffer-tape!!!!” from ‘superbiker’. So we’re confident you’ll enjoy these next two.

Part five is here:

And part six is here:

If you missed the rest, part one is here , part two is here , and parts three and four are here.

Come back next week for the exciting final instalment as the 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 gets within sight of the TopGear track, and James’ threat to “give it the beans” finally comes to fruition.

And as promised, we will be uploading a full director’s cut and soundtrack later in the summer….

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