And there you have it – the latest series has come to an end (and on a rather poignant note at that).

We hope you enjoyed the last six weeks, and maybe even agree that this run has offered up some real highlights, from silly to serious.

On that theme, we caught up with Jeremy, Richard and James during a spot of particularly demanding sun-bathing at the Top Gear track last week and asked them their thoughts.

And if you’re still craving your Top Gear fix, fear not.

As regulars will have seen, we’ve been very busy with a camera during the last six weeks. We’ve got loads of out-takes and behind-the-scenes films from this series, and we’ll keep them coming over the next weeks and months.  If there’s anything particular from this run you’d like to see more of, let us know below.

Next week there will be a “best-of” from series 15 on BBC2 at the usual time, and then a lot more is planned which we can’t talk about yet. But the minute we can, you’ll be the first to know. Have a good week.

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