Series 15 outtake: Ken Block vs Reliant Robin

Ken Block is a dear friend of Top Gear. We like him because he enjoys spending most of his driving time in a plume of tyre smoke.

We liked him so much, we sent Captain Slow to Brigadier Block’s School of Hoonery in California, where James unearthed a new found respect for ENO fruit salt and Rennie.

Dr Driftington has also just released Gymkhana 3.2 – his newest automotive mixtape of tyre-shredding goodness. And it is very good. In it, he showcases his immense handling prowess and skill.

However, when we invited him to our test track to sample a more humble delight, we found even the great Ken Block couldn’t tame the Menace That Is The Reliant Robin.

It is very upside-down. In it, he showcases his utter inability to control a Reliant Robin.

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