Top Gear USA – episode 3 this weekend

The boys are well underway now and this next episode is, if we say so ourselves, our favourite so far (apologies for the rogue ‘u’ there, Americans, but at the British Broadcasting Corporation we have strict standards to keep).

In the Moonshine Challenge, Adam, Rutledge and Tanner have to each buy a car for $1,000, and then put them through a series of crazy hooch-running related challenges in North Carolina. Meanwhile, Modern Family’s Ty Burrel gets on the Top Gear test track.

As usual, just hit the History Channel at the mysterious-sounding time of 10/9c and all be revealed. And let us know what you think in the handy space below.

And if you missed last week’s episode – including a rather excellent ‘blind man drifting’ bit – you can watch it right here (as long as you’re in America).

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