Jeremy face-strain in the Nissan GT-R Well, there you go. A V16 Rolls Royce Phantom (who knew?), Jeremy driving Jaguar XKR-S ‘sports brogue’ and some face-distorting cornering in a Nissan GT-R. And let’s not forget the boys’ fiery attempt at improving Britain’s railways.

So what did you think? Our leader Andy Wilman thought the internet might not like this one – so let us know your thoughts in the handy box below as usual.

We’re sure there’ll be one man that’s pleased with this week’s show: Rowan Atkinson’s pedalling skills have cemented the Northern Comedian hegemony at the top of our Star in a Reasonably Priced Car leader board (he was born in Durham, you know). We reckon it will be a while before that one’s beaten, and it couldn’t have gone to a man more able to make boring car words sound hilarious.

So, before you put finger to keyboard, here’s your regular Sunday night behind-the-scenes action. This week it’s a goodie as James heads out to Dunsfold to see if the launch control in a GT-R is all Jeremy cracked it up to be:

Thanks for watching and see you all next week, when we’ll have more from Rowan Atkinson on the site.

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