They may well be busy filming series three RIGHT NOW in America (more on that later), but we’ve still got some catching up to do with Top Gear USA here in the UK.

So if you’re pining for your dose of televisual TG, head to BBC Three from Friday 6 July at 7pm, when you’ll be able to see the rest of the latest series of Top Gear USA for the first time.

In no particular order, you’ll see such US-themed goodness as a muscle car shootout, a contest to find (and drive) the most dangerous car in the US, crossing the Rockies in Soccer Mom vans, buying high-end convertibles for mystery celebrity buyers, and a challenge to find the worst car America has ever built (we imagine Jeremy had some input into this one).

That’s not nearly all, but sounds good, right?

We’ll have more clips and previews in the coming weeks, but for now we just wanted to let you know. So now you do – Top Gear USA is back on BBC Three, Friday 6 July, 7pm.

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