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Top Gear in Argentina: what really happened

A message for viewers from Top Gear boss Andy Wilman on the whole number plate escapade If you follow Top Gear in any way, shape or form, you won’t have missed the hoo-hah that’s kicked off following our recent filming in Patagonia. That’s probably the most boring opening sentence I’ve ever written for a blog, but […]


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Andy Wilman on why Clarkson, Hammond and May should be Director General

I know this seems a bit late to wade into the whole BBC Director General hoo-ha that kicked off a while back, but I’ve been busy on Top Gear. Now however, with the series over, I’d like to share my thoughts on the matter. A couple of months ago I was driving to work, the […]


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Andy Wilman on the Africa special (plus your post-show discussion)

A brief silence has descended on the Top Gear edit suite. On Friday night the last bits of the sound mix were completed, grading was tweaked, a shot was shortened here and there, the traditional spilling of a bit of takeaway fried rice into a control panel occurred, and then the Africa Special was bundled […]


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Electric cars: charges answered

I’d like to put a few facts straight regarding a story in today’s Times about our recent road test of two electric cars, the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot Ion, which was shown on Sunday’s programme. The Times’ headline reads: ‘Clarkson didn’t give our electric cars a sporting chance, says Nissan.’


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Disabled bay parking: an apology

We have received complaints following the electric car film on Sunday about the presenters parking in disabled bays during the filming, and much of the anger has been aimed at Jeremy and James. I’d like to put the record straight here.


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Tesla vs Top Gear: Andy Wilman on our current legal action

You may know that Tesla has issued a writ against Top Gear for defamation and malicious falsehood over the road test that we broadcast of the Tesla Roadster in December 2008. The normal procedure for the BBC in a legal case is to acknowledge receipt of the other party’s claim, and then say no more […]


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National Television Awards

National Television Awards: message to all TG fans

Greetings. This is a quick message as we’re busy filming for the Christmas series, and I’ll be back with more about that later, but in the meantime I’d like to deal with a bit of housekeeping.


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The Stig. He’s ours

Doubtless you’ll have read that the BBC and the book publishing people, HarperCollins, are now in a big legal battle over HarperCollins’ wish to publish an autobiography of the person who wears the Stig suit to work. The BBC has responded with a polite statement, but I must say I feel the urge to add […]


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