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We’re back! All your post-show discussion from the series 22 opener

Well, there you have it. Stig’s ticked off another driving lesson on his CV, the new Lambo may not quite be the new Lambo we all wanted, Steve Harley could well be number one by now, and, best of all, the car has been restored to its rightful place at the pinnacle of urban transport […]



Top Gear in Patagonia part two: post-show discussion

Well, there you have it. The V8 engine has once again proved its place at motoring’s top table, and another epic Top Gear road trip has come to an end. We hope everyone enjoyed our Christmas two-parter, which officially kicks off the twenty-second series of the very best motoring show on the whole of BBC […]



Top Gear in Patagonia part one: all your post-show discussion

Well, there you have it. Despite some inadvertent off-roading, many power-steering failures, a few electrical gremlins and an unnecessarily perilous bridge crossing or two, the Porsche, Lotus and Mustang remain on their venerable way under mighty V8 power to Tierra del Fuego. Through some truly incredible scenery. We hope you enjoyed the first instalment of […]


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More festive viewing for you all: James May’s Toy Stories on Christmas Day

Simply can’t wait for the Top Gear Patagonia Christmas Special (which, in a rare piece of festive good fortune, is actually on at Christmas this year)?. Well, we have good news! On Christmas Day itself, in perhaps the most challenging Toy Stories so far, James will be attempting to rehabilitate one of Britain’s most derided […]


Patagonia trailer

Top Gear Patagonia Christmas Special: the first trailer!

It’s here at last! The first trailer for Top Gear’s Big Christmas Patagonian Adventure has landed…


Top Gear Patagonia Special: first details

Here’s your first picture from the upcoming Top Gear Patagonia Special. And this year, this Christmas special will be broadcast at roughly the right time, too.


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Announcing Top Gear’s biggest ever UK tour for 2015! Now with added video…

UK fans of the cutting edge of cocking about, we have good news! Yes, this year Top Gear Live is embarking on our biggest ever UK tour, taking in Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield, Belfast and London in a nationwide celebration of fire, smoke, incredible cars, competitive racing in unsuitable vehicles and, no doubt, certain things going […]



Top Gear in Argentina: what really happened

A message for viewers from Top Gear boss Andy Wilman on the whole number plate escapade If you follow Top Gear in any way, shape or form, you won’t have missed the hoo-hah that’s kicked off following our recent filming in Patagonia. That’s probably the most boring opening sentence I’ve ever written for a blog, but […]


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