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Americans! TG US returns tonight

Tonight’s episode sees Tanner, Adam and Rut take on two of the top ten most-dangerous jobs in America as they tackle logging and haulage in a single hit. Each of our very competitive and occasionally clumsy hosts is given the keys to a logging big rig before they’re tasked with delivering as many chunks of […]



Americans! Top Gear US is back tonight with a show in the snow…

With punishing snow storms clouting parts of America this winter, Tanner, Adam and Rutledge were tasked by the show’s producers to put their heads together and come up with a multi-tasking snow-beating vehicle to serve the local community. The result? The 1999 Chevrolet 22-passenger snow-plough school bus you see before you. And yes, there’s something […]



Americans! Top Gear USA is back tonight with cars from the 80s…

Many insurance companies consider a car over 25 years old to be a classic. But can a car from the 1980s really offer the kind of sound investment potential that attracts many classic car buyers? In tonight’s episode of TG USA, Rutledge, Adam and Tanner each choose their favourite 80s car and compete in a series of challenges […]



Americans! Top Gear US is back!

Good news, inhabitants of America! Brand new episodes of Top Gear US return to HISTORY this evening at 9/8c – and we’ve got a little video preview. The new shows take in everything from the Arizona backcountry to the Autobahns of Germany, with a brief visit to the Scottish Highlands here in little old Blighty. […]



Out today: Top Gear’s Burma Special on DVD and Blu-Ray!

Top Gear specials are known for epic journeys, incredible scenery and the amusement of three idiots having a hard time. What they’re not known for is challenging civil engineering projects. Until TG visited Burma. In this special Clarkson, Hammond and May don’t just buy three knackered old lorries and drive miles through the beautiful landscapes of Burma. Oh […]



Top Gear’s Epic Failures book: order your copy now!

Designing and making cars is an expensive thing to do. So is racing them. All told, the car business spends billions every year and with such vast sums at stake you’d think the people involved wouldn’t give desk space to Captain Cockup. Sadly, you would be wrong.


Lewis and Ken 2

When Lewis met Ken: video and pictures from the Top Gear Festival in Barbados

Yes, the latest stop on the glittering Top Gear Live World Tour happened this weekend… in Barbados.


Burma special
top gear series 21

Top Gear and the Bridge Over The River Kok

Well, there you have it. The River Kok has been conquered, White Spirit has been imbibed, and MI6 are on the phone. That’s it for another special, and indeed for series 21. 


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